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Did you know flooding your website with Traffic coming DIRECTLY from Traffic Exchanges can actually DAMAGE Search Engine Rankings?

The Safe Search Traffic Difference:

  • We provide packages for Online Businesses of all sizes, designed to ensure that not only do you receive Traffic to your business website, but that traffic is also Optimised to help improve your Search Engine Rankings.

  • Our focus is on Proper Quality Traffic, so you won't find any cash for surfing, nor will you find any gimmicks or incentives to get you to surf ridiculous amounts of pages.
    What you will find is something you don't get anywhere else, Triple Timer Technology.
    With a Single Click you can pick from 3 combinations of Surf Timer & Credit Earn, so as a FREE member at Safe Search Traffic YOU Decide whether you would rather surf with a long timer and earn more credits, or you can choose a shorter surf timer and earn fewer credits.

  • Fact: Short timers NEVER bring quality results, that's why at Safe Search Traffic our shortest timer length is 9 seconds. This means we have Real People spending Quality Time viewing the websites for Your Business.
    Traffic Exchanges were their most responsive when they all had Timer lengths in excess of 20 seconds. We've not gone to that extreme, but the same basic principle is there, our goal is to capture that aspect and create a modern traffic exchange with the values of the past.

  • So whether you are a Startup Marketer or you are at the helm of a multi million dollar corporation, at Safe Search Traffic we have quality traffic solutions available for everyone from FREE to Tycoon!

Take The Path To Success!

What Is Safe Search Traffic?

Safe Search Traffic is a Traffic Exchange where you can earn Traffic to your website in return for visiting the websites of other members..
There are literally Thousands of Traffic Exchanges currently online, the difference with ourselves is that we truly take pride in delivering what is genuinely the Highest Quality Traffic.

We achieve this by following some basic marketing principles:

  • Our Timer lengths ensure that members actually spend a reasonable amount of time Actually VIEWING the sites of other members, after all, you want your visitors to take a look around the site and see what it has to offer, when you visit a new store on the High Street you tend to take your time to look around and see everything it has to offer, the visitors you receive from a Traffic Exchange should be just like that, The longer they spend viewing the more likely they are to make a purchase!.
  • Our focus is entirely on Traffic as a form of lead generation, you won't find any gamification here at Safe Search Traffic. Whilst games may be fun they detract from the whole purpose of our service being for ADVERTISING, we don't want to be a victim of the culture where members waste thousands of YOUR credits purely because they are surfing to play a game or to earn a couple of cents and NOT paying attention to the sites they are presented with.
  • We offer YOU as our members a choice of 3 combinations of Timer length and Credit earn, so YOU can decide whether you would rather spend less time viewing each site and earn fewer credits, or spend more time viewing each site and earn more credits. Our exclusive Triple Timer Technology allows you to change your timer/ratio combination with a single click in the members area, and reinforces the benefits of giving greater reward for spending longer viewing each members site.

Optimised Business Solutions

One of the most important areas you can grow your business online is through improving your Search Engine Rankings.
Historically you could achieve this just by sending more Traffic to your site regardless of the source, but now the Search Engines have adopted a far more Intelligent Approach. If you send thousands and thousands of hits to your online business purely from Traffic Exchanges you could actually DAMAGE your Search Engine Ranking which will ultimately have a negative effect on your business.

At Safe Search Traffic we offer Tailored Business Solutions which are designed to ensure that the Traffic you receive is of a High Quality in order to IMPROVE your Search Engine Rank, and in addition we offer tailored services which will assist in building GENUINE Social Media exposure.

We ensure that both through the traffic you receive from Safe Search Traffic and also from the thousands of other promotional resources we make use of, you will receive Traffic of the Highest Quality which is also Optimised & Safe for Search Engines.

Don't let BAD Traffic ruin your business, Safe Search Traffic has the Business Solution you need whether you are a small startup or a major corporation!

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